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In the developed world, illegal immigration is a hotly debated political issue. From the eyes of the world's very poor, it is an excruciating personal decision, made to make life a little bit better for one's self and one's family.

Kingsley is 23 years old, and lives in a two-room house with his parents and seven siblings in a West African coastal village in Cameroon. He is raised with an image of Europe as a kind of promised land: if he can only get there, life for himself and his family will improve.

Photojournalist Olivier Jobard introduces us to Kingsley as he makes the difficult decision to embark on his "mission," and then accompanies him, documenting his perilous journey. Step by step, across desert and ocean, we come to see immigration through one man's eyes, and learn the rewards — and the costs — of such a dream.

Published: July 25, 2006


Photography & Video: Olivier Jobard
Graphics: Jody Sugrue, Vincent Diga
Producers: Brian Storm, Eric Maierson
Translation: Portuguese: Leandro Badalotti, Israel Krindges

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