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MediaStorm Online Training

Educational Program


The MediaStorm Online Training Educational Program offers a simple way for educational institutions to use our acclaimed training in their classrooms. In just three easy steps we'll have your classroom learning from our award-winning production staff.

How It Works

Our Educational Program makes it easy for educators to integrate our training into their curriculum, while offering a significant discount to students.

The training modules can be incorporated into the program syllabus just like a textbook and can be accessed by students at any time during the semester.

Notable institutions like the University of Missouri and Syracuse University have already made the MediaStorm Online Training experience a regular part of their curriculum.

For tomorrow's multimedia journalists and visual storytellers, there's no better way to learn.

Sign Up Today

Get the program in your classroom in just three steps:

  1. Educators at accredited universities contact us to sign up for the Educational Program. Free two-week trial accounts are granted to eligible college professors and administrators.
  2. Eligible educators will receive an educator's account at no charge and discount codes to securely distribute to their students. All educational accounts grant access to our entire collection of training videos, a companion curriculum for the classroom, plus any new videos released while the account is active.
  3. Students activate their accounts on their own, paying just $45 for the semester. (A significant discount off of the standard retail price of $199.99.)