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Storytelling is as old as the ages, a true universal human need. Today, the world of professional storytellers has busted open wide, with the internet providing publication opportunities as never before.

In September of 2009, in the midst of some of the worst economic times to hit American journalism, six professionals gathered in New York City for MediaStorm's Multimedia Workshop. Their goal was to develop the skills that would allow their storytelling instincts to flourish on journalism's newest platform: the internet.

The six participants ranged from a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer to a brand consultant. Working in two teams under the guidance of veteran MediaStorm producers Bob Sacha and Eric Maierson, they brought their own unique experiences to bear as they combined audio, video and still photography to create their narratives.

MediaStorm intern Maisie Crow was on hand to document these brave souls, as they immersed themselves in the discomfort, collaboration, and inspiration of the process. Ultimately they learned that, amid their cameras and cords and digital cards, it is the simple task of human connection that leads to the most valuable stories.

Behind The Scenes: Workshop 5 documents the Fall 2009 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop, where participants worked alongside MediaStorm staff to create an intimate, character-driven documentary in just one week. Learn more about upcoming MediaStorm workshops and online training at mediastorm.com/train.

Published: October 8, 2009


Photography, Audio & Video: Maisie Crow
Producer: Maisie Crow
Executive Producer: Brian Storm
Graphics: Jacky Myint
Workshop Director: Jessica Stuart
Workshop Participants: Stan Alcorn, Paolo Black, Deanne Fitzmaurice, Doug Grant, Scott Lituchy, Melissa Pracht

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