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Mines Advisory Group (MAG), is a nonprofit organization that seeks to locate and destroy the remnants of war in post-conflict countries. Heavily dependent on local agriculture for survival and income, Laos nationals are in constant danger of encountering bombs dropped during WWII, that remain scattered throughout their farmland.

Directors of Photography Rick Gershon and Nathan Golon were commissioned by MAG to travel to Laos to document the work of the organization, and to create a compelling narrative to spur conversation and promote awareness of the issue.

Surviving the Peace documents the story of a farmer, who was badly injured by an exploded bomb, and his young family, as they continue to live their lives.

This educational module invites you to learn about the decisions, both in the field, and within the editing suite, that went into the making of Surviving the Peace. Join a conversation between Director of Photography and Producer, Rick Gershon, and MediaStorm Executive Producer, Brian Storm, as they discuss the development of this story through a scene-by-scene break down of the piece.

The Making Of provides more than an hour and a half of discussion and exposition on the process and multitude of decisions that went into the editing and shooting of Surviving the Peace.

Topics covered include:

  • Chapter 1: Interacting with clients
  • Chapter 2: Finding a Character
  • Chapter 3: The Opening Sequence
  • Chapter 4: Leading with Character
  • Chapter 5: Working with a Translator
  • Chapter 6: Scene construction
  • Chapter 7: Equipment
  • Chapter 8: Shooting for continuity
  • Chapter 9: Translator as a Character
  • Chapter 10: Archival Footage
  • Chapter 11: Delivering the issue
  • Chapter 12: Using Neutral Density Filter
  • Chapter 13: The NGO’s mission
  • Chapter 14: Connecting with your Subjects
  • Chapter 15: Showing hope
  • Chapter 16: Call to action
  • Chapter 17: Educational examples
  • Chapter 18: Closing thoughts

Director of Photography: Rick Gershon
Producer of Surviving the Peace: Rick Gershon
Video: Leandro Badalotti, Caitlyn Greene, Tim McLaughlin, Tucker Walsh
Producer of EDU: Tucker Walsh, Margaret Cheatham Williams
Executive Producer: Brian Storm

Mines Advisory Group (MAG)

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