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MediaStorm Post Production Workflow: A Technical Guide to Being Creative

This is a start-to-finish guide that details the technical, organizational and creative techniques we find crucial to the post production process. We’ll go over everything from how to organize your project’s media, to creating storyboards; from creating a multiclip, to how to use pacing to create tension. The MediaStorm Workflow gives a unique step-by-step look into the editing of a film, and combines the technical and creative insights necessary to that end.

This workflow is something we use on every film and it has been continually updated for over a decade. Now, you will get the chance to learn from that experience.

Video Tutorials in this Series
In this series of tutorials, you’ll learn how to organize your project’s media, then we’ll go over all the steps you’ll need to know to get your interview and b-roll ingested, edited, and organized, including our unique and powerful techniques for logging important footage. We’ll go over how to find the story within your footage and how to begin to shape the story you find, with techniques used and honed by our team. We’ll even touch on when it’s the right time to have your project reviewed, and who should do that reviewing. Lastly, we’ll show you how we finish our films, whether that’s color correction or using audio submixes. This series, unique in it’s combination of both technical and creative know-how, will help you make the production process more effective, and more creative.

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Writer, Voice Over & Editor: Eric Maierson, Tim McLaughlin
Executive Producer: Brian Storm

MediaStorm Post-production Workflow (Step by Step Guide)
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