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In 1994, in the East African nation of Rwanda, one million ethnic Tutsi people were slaughtered, in a genocide committed by their Hutu countrymen. But the scars left by these murderous militiamen go well beyond the numbers of the dead: they live on, in the lives of the women they held captive, raped - and left pregnant.

Intended Consequences tells the stories of some of these women, victims of the sexual violence used as a weapon of war against them. Some 20,000 children were born as a result. Photojournalist Jonathan Torgovnik photographed and interviewed 30 women and their families, and has produced a piece of incredible complexity: how does a woman care for her child when it's the son or daughter of the man who raped her?

Published: October 23, 2008


Photography & Interviews: Jonathan Torgovnik
Producer: Chad A. Stevens
Executive Producer: Brian Storm
On-Location Video: Jules Shell
Studio Video: Bob Sacha, Chad A. Stevens, Pamela Chen
Original Music: Pamela Chen, Sherman Jia
Graphics: Tim Klimowicz
Translation: Geoffrey Ngiruwonsanga
Narration: Rosette Adera, Yvette Rugasaguhunga, Hope Kantete
Translation: Portuguese: Leandro Badalotti, Israel Krindges

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