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Return to the Body: A New Film By MediaStorm

Return to the Body

MediaStorm is pleased to present a film about something we all spend way too much time talking about: sex.

Return to the Body, a collaboration with Verse, takes a look at our culture’s relationship to sexuality through one woman’s experience, Rebecca Torosian. She has a hard time explaining what she does. “I’ll just tell this person like I’m a mind-body coach and if they want to know more they can ask me,” said Rebecca. Want to know more? Rebecca’s a sex surrogate.

Rebecca’s work is a deep exploration of the mind-body connection, and how it can enliven or harm a healthy sex life. In Return to the Body, Rebecca works with Rob, a faithful husband, father, lawyer, and cancer survivor whose treatments left him unable to continue a fulfilling sexual relationship with his wife. In an effort to regain that connection to his own sexuality, he seeks Rebecca’s help.

For Rebecca, “Sexuality, is in the spiritual realm. Reaffirming that we are all connected in this human family.”

Over the course of a few sessions, Rebeca uses touch therapy and mindfulness practices to get Rob back on the road to recovery and spiritually connected to his body.

MediaStorm is proud to have partnered with Verse, a digital storytelling platform that aims to create immersive experiences. To learn more, and to see this film’s interactive experience, please click here.



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