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MediaStorm sought to gain access into the sensitive world of sex surrogacy without sacrificing the intimate connection one gains by hearing both sides of the story. The practice of surrogacy involves physical touching, sometimes including intercourse, between the surrogate, and the patient. We wanted to understand the methods and motivations of those who practice and benefit from this form of therapy, which exists in a morally and legally gray area within the United States.

Client: Verse
Published: March 20, 2017
The Challenge
Director of Photography, Andrew Michael Ellis, was able to negotiate access to Rebecca Torosian, a sex therapist in New York, but finding a client that was willing to be on camera was understandably challenging. On MediaStorm’s behalf, Rebecca approached her clientele to discuss the possibility of being filmed. Ellis had several confidential conversations with Rebecca’s clients, but none were willing to be on camera.

The Solution
Not willing to forgo access to a significant part of the story, Ellis, after many internal conversations at MediaStorm, decided to take an active role in finding a client who would be willing to be on camera. Ellis used a Craigslist posting to describe the intent of the film and some information about Rebecca’s practice to find someone who was looking for this sort of therapy and would be willing to be on camera. This is how Ellis ultimately found Rob.

The film was published as a linear story on MediaStorm’s website, and as an interactive feature on Verse.

About the Client
Verse is an interactive platform with a toolset that showcases non-linear multimedia storytelling.
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