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MediaStorm Presents an Immersive Guide to U.S. – Russia Relations

MediaStorm, in partnership with the Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY) and Transformative presents U.S. – Russia Relations: Quest for Stability, an immersive guide to US-Russia relations.

Powered by the MediaStorm Platform, this responsive, interactive experience showcases video, timeline, audio, interactive charts and maps, to explore why US-Russia relations are critical to the preservation of American democracy and global stability.

This experience includes hundreds of hours of original video and data gathered by foremost experts in their fields, and packages it in a way that encourages user engagement. Our team of producers, designers, and developers examined each of the issue areas the project explored–global risks, historical context, economic, cultural, and military factors–and developed tools that were best suited to drill down into that subject. Our team leveraged the toolset to create an experience that takes users to the very core of the US-Russia impasse:

  • Unparalleled Access to Expertise: In the era of fake news, this project takes as its moral compass a commitment to expertise and facts. Our team of interviewers, including Michael Moran, Cynthia Lazaroff, and Bruce Allyn, have cumulatively spent decades studying US-Russia relations and developing relationships with experts on both continents. We leveraged these relationships to film interviews with leading figures in foreign policy and governance, including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright; former Secretary of Defense William Perry, and former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev.
  • A Cinematic Cover offers users a quick overview of what’s at stake and draws users into the site.
  • Motion graphics have been crafted to add visual impact and lead users into each chapter.
  • An elegant  timeline is the key metaphor of the entire project, helping users understand the evolution of the relationship and milestones. This timeline supports integration with many different types of media, including video, graphics, and audio.
  • An interactive map demonstrates the global ramifications of a deteriorating relationship and its threat to global stability. The maps support more rich media than can be found in most interactive maps, making it the definitive resource on the global costs of U.S.-Russia relations.
  • Data visualizations paired with audio allow users to navigate various sectors in the Russian economy as well as comparative macro economic trends in both countries. Experts guide users in this interactive experience to break down some of the complex data.  

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