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The quest for youth consumes our imaginations, our bodies, and our minds. We're not just interested in living longer, we want to live younger. As the lifespan grows, so does the desire to elongate youth, and thanks to modern science, that wish is starting to come true. Exercise, yoga and weight training are de rigeur, the anti-aging industry has turned into a multibillion-dollar enterprise, and the cosmetics industry has shifted its focus to anti-aging potions.

But not everyone is looking for a simple magic pill. As the two women in this story reveal, there are divergent paths on the way to eternal youth. For Ina Denburg, 49, flexibility of body and mind are the keys to youth. For Stephanie Winters, 51, everything from hormone enhancers to facial fillers have a place in her arsenal.

Client: MSNBC
Published: January 1, 2006

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