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The purpose of this series is to explore the lives and work of celebrated photographers Annie Griffiths, Lynn Johnson and Ami Vitale, and what they hope to accomplish collectively as Ripple Effect Images.

Separately, each photographer, over the course of their careers, noticed patterns in the way women and girls in developing countries could change the lives of those around them for the better. And each photographer noticed the real and dramatic effects that climate change was having on those same women and girls.

The Ripple Effect series, commissioned by Harbers Studios, tracks the careers of Griffiths, Johnson and Vitale as they come to the conclusions that ultimately caused them to form their collective. It also explains in detail the purpose and vision of the organization and how that vision will bring much needed help to the women and girls they have photographed during their careers.

Client: Harbers Studios, Ripple Effect Images
Published: September 16, 2013
The Challenge
Ripple Effect Images needed four videos and each had their own unique challenges to address. The three videos about the photographers involved curating vast amounts of imagery from their personal archives that spoke directly to their experience with women and girls, and climate change. Many of their experiences overlapped and MediaStorm needed to craft independently impactful narratives that didn’t feel repetitious. Each piece also needed to deliver the purpose and message of Ripple Effect Images as part of their personal narrative.

Lastly, Ripple Effect Images needed a short, concise video that more clearly explained the purpose and vision of the collective that could be used for fundraising purposes.

The Solution
MediaStorm and Ripple Effect decided to focus primarily on the photographers’ anecdotal observations over their careers to describe their journey to Ripple Effect Images. Knowing the name recognition of each photographer, it was thought best to create stories that showcased their incredible photography as well as their personal narratives. Doing so makes clear the motivation and passion behind Ripple Effect Images.

From those three individual pieces, MediaStorm then selected sections of each to create a short, dynamic promotional piece that is best used for explaining the intricacies of the organization’s structure and its larger purpose.

The Results
By providing Ripple Effect Images with these short films, they are able to pick and choose what video will be most impactful for specific situations. They will be used for promotional and informational purposes on their website, and in educational and fundraising venues.

Individual Films

Ripple Effect Images is a team of journalists dedicated to documenting poor women and girls around the world, highlighting the programs that are helping to empower them, especially as they deal with the effects of climate change. Watch it now.

Annie Griffiths was one of the first women photojournalists hired by National Geographic. In her 35-year career, she has seen patterns in the lives of women and girls. Ripple Effect Images was born out of these observations. Watch it now.

For 13 years and across 80 countries, Ami Vitale's work has focused on issues surrounding women, poverty and health. It was her desire to see change that led Ami to join Ripple Effect Images. Watch it now.

Inspired by the photographs of the Farm Security Administration growing up, Lynn Johnson has spent nearly 35 years as a photojournalist working for LIFE, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and various foundations. Watch it now.

About the Client
Harbers Family Foundation
The Harbers Family Foundation brings human and environmental issues into focus by setting the aperture for inspiring and motivating visual narratives.

Working with some of the world's leading photographers and visual storytellers, they create exceptional visual narratives that represent the diverse initiatives of cutting edge nonprofits and NGOs around the world, focusing on global conservation issues and humanitarian need.

Ripple Effect Images
Ripple Effect Images is a team of journalists dedicated to documenting the plight of poor women and girls around the world and highlighting the programs that are helping to empower them, especially as they deal with the devastating effects of climate change. Working closely with scientists and NGOs to identify both the needs and the innovative programs that are helping women and girls, Ripple Effect journalists make strategic trips to document these programs. They then donate their photographs, video, and stories to the Ripple Effect Images Archive . This Archive is made available, at no cost, to their partner aid organizations and to policymakers who are working to help poor women as they deal with the tremendous challenges caused by climate change. The extraordinary Ripple Effect team includes a MacArthur Genius Fellow, as well as Pulitzer Prize, Emmy Award and National Humanities Medal winners.

Ripple Effect's mission is to raise awareness and funding to help empower women and girls in emerging countries around the world. They are currently working with NGOs, ambassadors, corporate leaders, and the U.S. State Department.

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