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Motion Graphics

S77 is a motion + design studio comprised of multidisciplinary graphic designers. With over two decades of combined experience, we officially formed in 2003.

Our work includes television spots, animation, music videos, broadcast identities, motion art, and graphic design. While our primary focus is on post-production, we provide full-service from concept to production to final project.

We collaborate extensively with ad agencies and we also work routinely with direct clients. Our flexibility allows us to function as a collective; each of us with graphic design and motion graphic abilities, but individually we also provide a specific skill or art form including illustration, photography, 3D design, editorial, music, and interpretive dance.

1976 by S77

A wild ride in three dimensions, this music video sets original photography made in Cuba against the Latin-inspired beat of RJD2's 1976. The result is a mind-bending view of the country at its most colorful and energetic.