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Subscription and Pay Per Story FAQ

I represent a library or other educational institution, can I subscribe my library/institution to the MediaStorm Publication?

No. Pay Per Story and Publication Subscription are services available only to individuals for personal use. If you are a library, an educational institution, or a non-profit organization, you can purchase DVDs or digital files of our films, with or without PPR and/or DSL, by going to our Film Catalog page.

For streaming services, most of our collection is available to the educational market exclusively through Docuseek2.

If you still have any questions, please contact us at edu@mediastorm.com.

What is Pay Per Story?

Pay Per Story is a new multimedia platform that allows viewers unlimited access to a single story for a one-time fee.

Why is Pay Per Story available on some titles and not others?

We launched Pay Per Story in June 2012 as an innovative new way to watch and pay for multimedia content. Client work and workshop productions will continue to be available at no cost to our viewers. Learn more about our decision to launch Pay Per Story.

What is subscription?

A subscription to one of MediaStorm's plans (MediaStorm Publication or MediaStorm Online Training) allows full access to all of the paid titles within that plan for one year.

How much time will I have to access each story once I purchase it?

Pay once and watch forever. It’s a one-time fee per story.

I paid for the story on my computer. Can I watch it on another computer, my tablet and smart phone too?

Yes. You can access your previously-purchased MediaStorm stories from anywhere and on multiple screens for no additional cost.

What kind of playback devices do you support?

MediaStorm stories play back on all Web-enabled devices, including computers, laptops, netbooks, iPhones, iPads. Android devices are the exception and we don’t support Android at this time.

Can I still embed the player?

Yes. You can use our embed code to share the MediaStorm player on other web sites and Facebook. The free titles like trailers will play inline in Facebook, but users need to go to the MediaStorm story page to unlock the Pay Per Story functionality.

Can I share my account with others?

No. Each account is for the private use of one individual user. To protect yourself against liability for misuse of the account by others, it is best to change your password immediately if you suspect that it has been compromised in any way. MediaStorm has the right to disable your account and issue you a new account if your account credentials are compromised.

I am a teacher and would love to share one of these films with my students in a closed classroom setting, is that OK?

Closed classroom screenings are still considered educational, and you’d have to either purchase the institutional copy of the DVD of the title (no PPR necessary), or go through Docuseek2 to license streaming rights for that particular film.

Through our site we offer a MediaStorm Online Training Educational Program that includes six modules, providing essential tools and techniques, as well as examples, proven to teach the theory and skills necessary to successfully create multimedia stories. Instructors receive free access when they add it to their curriculum, and students get a discounted price to access it for a year.

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final, with the exception of technical issues that are determined to be our fault. In that case, then we will do our best to ensure that the problem is fixed.

What is your cancellation policy for subscription?

Subscription sales are final. However, you can elect out of auto-renewing your subscription by signing in to your account page and unchecking the auto-renew option for your subscription. Upon expiration, your subscription will not be renewed and you will not be charged again.

What happens if I don't get my receipt?

It may have gone to your spam filter by mistake. Please take a look there first and if you still can’t find it, you can contact us and we will resend it to your email account on file.

I would like to purchase a story, but I'm concerned about using my credit card and personal information on the Internet. Is Pay Per Story secure?

Yes. Pay Per Story uses trusted technology to ensure that your transaction is secure. It uses SSL encryption verified by Symantec/Verisign to protect your personal information as you are making a transaction.

Although you may see the player on an insecure site (http) e.g. NY Times, MSNBC etc, the player itself is embedded in a secure iframe (https). All critical credit card transaction information is encrypted in the browser (using a Javascript library), and then sent over an encrypted connection to our https server (player.mediastorm.com). From there, it is securely sent to our credit card processor (Braintree).

I’m a multimedia producer and I really enjoyed using your Pay Per Story platform. Can I use it for my own projects?

Yes, the MediaStorm Player is available for license. The MediaStorm Player is an innovative, high-quality video solution for web video playback, with many integrated features not found in any other platforms on the market. Learn more about the platform or contact us if you are interested in licensing the MediaStorm Player.

Where can I receive support?

Please email us with any other questions, comments, or technical issues you are having at the following: support@mediastorm.zendesk.com. If the problem you are having is technical in nature, please tell us which operating system and browser (including the versions) you are using, and as much detail as possible about what you're experiencing.