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Michael Tabon has “three strikes against him”, he’s black, he’s young, and he’s poor. Like one out of three men in his community, Mike has been caught in the revolving door of the prison system since he was sixteen years old. Incarceration became a way of life, seen as an inherited destiny, until he had a revelation--that he could break the cycle of the womb to prison pipeline gripping marginalized communities across black America.

And so was born his cause, Fight Hate with Love, a one-man prison and premature death prevention power movement. He fights so that his son, and all the other little boys in his community, can live a ‘regular life’, something he says is impossible in a country where a boy can be shot for being black. In Michael's eyes, it will take a supernatural strength, a love of community and a love of self that is stronger than the systematic traps that lead to death and confinement, to save the next generation.

Fight Hate with Love is about one man’s journey to change the world and still be the guide his family needs him to be. It is a road fraught with struggle. In this film we explore what is possible and what is sacrificed when a man’s desire to be a hero for the world is at odds with his desire to be a hero to his family.

Published: November 16, 2016


A film by: MediaStorm
Director of Photography: Andrew Michael Ellis
Editor & Producer: Tim McLaughlin
Producer: Samia Khan
Graphics: Joe Fuller
Executive Producer: Brian Storm


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