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Gathering Audio

Part 3: Links

As background, here's a story I wrote called "Made for the Medium: Photojournalism at MSNBC.com" in May of 2002 that provides some context as to how I was thinking about this issue back then: http://digitaljournalist.org/issue0203/storm.htm.

Transom: http://www.transom.org
Great section on tools: http://www.transom.org/tools/index.html

Pro DAW: http://prodaw.com/prodaw/
Radio Diaries: http://www.radiodiaries.org
Hearing Voices: http://HearingVoices.com
Radio College Resource List: http://www.radiocollege.org/lc/training/i_sources.php
Bob Croslin's document on ProTools (For OS 9, but still relevant today): http://bobcroslin.com/protools/protools01.htm
Audio Gear for Rich Media by Joe Gore on Apple.com: http://www.apple.com/pro/techniques/richmedia/index3.html