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On April 18th, 1987, Catherine Russell first stepped on stage to perform the role of Margaret Thorne Brent in the play, Perfect Crime. Twenty-five years and only four missed performances later, she resides in The Guinness Book of World Records for the most performances by an actor in a single part. Russell estimates that two and a half years of her life have been spent on stage playing this role.

Russell’s dedication to the role rewards her with both professional notoriety and stability. But the impact of performing eight times a week, as well as managing the theater and teaching acting classes, demands great personal sacrifices.

A Hundred Different Ways is a product of the MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop, where participants work alongside MediaStorm staff to create an intimate, character-driven documentary in just one week. Learn more about upcoming MediaStorm workshops and online training at mediastorm.com/train.

Published: April 12, 2012


Video and Photography: Chris Capozziello, Lauren Hermele, Peter Lundberg
Editor: Lauren Hermele
Field Producer: Rob Finch
Producer: Tim McLaughlin
Intern: Margaret Cheatham Williams
Graphics: Tim Klimowicz
Executive Producer: Brian Storm

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