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There are only about 15 people left in David Sheet's neighborhood, once a thriving community of people who had lived there much of their lives. The reason: Atlantic Yards, Brooklyn's largest-ever proposed real estate development, which will cost 5 million dollars and engulf three times the area of Rockefeller Center.

Jack-hammering, construction, and relentless noise have driven more than 600 residents from their homes, and many of those homes have already been demolished. But a few brave souls have decided to stay, choosing not to make it easy for their displacers. "I am going to stand in their way for as long as I can," says Sheets, looking both fierce and vulnerable against an ominous street-scape. "Do stadiums come before lives?" asks another resident, who refuses to leave. Hold Out is their story.

Hold Out is a product of the MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop, where participants work alongside MediaStorm staff to create an intimate, character-driven documentary in just one week. Learn more about upcoming MediaStorm workshops and online training at mediastorm.com/train.

Published: July 2, 2009


Story: Zachary Barr, Uma Sanghvi
Photography & Video: Jeff Hutchens, Nacho Corbella
Audio: Zachary Barr
Producer: Eric Maierson
Executive Producer: Brian Storm
Graphics: Jacky Myint
Transcription: Jessica Stuart
Workshop Director: Jessica Stuart
Aerial Photography: Jonathan Barkey
Atlantic Yards Rendering: The Municipal Art Society of New York

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