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Editing is about making decisions. From how long to leave a photograph on screen to choosing the right font for text, your finished project can be defined by a series of important choices.

In this module, MediaStorm founder Brian Storm and producer Eric Maierson walk through many of the choices they make when producing multimedia. Their discussion focuses both on specific editing techniques as well the theories and ideas behind these decisions that, in the end, help create engaging stories.

Editing Techniques is filled with practical examples and advice for all levels of multimedia producers and editors.

Topics covered include:

Image Animations and Effects

  • The importance of straight cuts
  • Understanding when to zoom in on an image
  • Effective image cross-fade techniques
  • Using still images to recreate the rack focus of a video camera
  • Building on the Ken Burns’ effect
  • Video transitions to avoid

Audio Techniques
  • Combining ambient sound with still images
  • Mastering one-frame audio dissolves
  • The importance of room tone

Working With Text
  • Best practices for using text in your productions
  • Determining how long to leave text on screen
  • Choosing the right fonts

Additional Techniques
  • How to use image sequences to transition between narrative ideas
  • How to pace still photography
  • When to leave an interview subject onscreen
  • Choosing the right photographs for the beginning of a project


While a great magazine spread may consist of four images, a five minute multimedia project can easily incorporate over 100 pictures. It’s a fact that multimedia simply devours photography. Therefore, keeping your files organized is paramount.

This module details the MediaStorm system for managing large volumes of images–from organizing RAW assets on the Mac Finder, to initial picture selections and export settings for Final Cut Pro. MediaStorm founder Brian Storm and producer Eric Maierson take you step-by-step through the company’s tested workflow.

The following topics are discussed in the Picture Editing module :

Preparing Images

  • Organizing images in the Mac Finder
  • Picture selection methodology
  • Properly export images for Final Cut Pro including naming conventions, file dimensions and color space.

Working with Images in Final Cut
  • How to edit a still image sequence for video

>Toning Images for finished projects
    How to correctly tone images for proper playback
  • Replacing images in Final Cut with toned pictures


Using music in your multimedia productions can be powerful, but use it ineffectively and you may find your viewers turning away.

In this module, MediaStorm founder Brian Storm and producer Eric Maierson discuss their thoughts on how to best work with music in your productions, from selecting songs to practical editing techniques. They also demonstrate the critical skill of how to seamlessly splice music so that you can better craft songs to fit the pace of your own work.

Using Music offers real-world examples of the benefits and challenges of editing with music, both in theory and in practice.

Topics covered include:

Music Overview

  • When to use music in your production
  • When ambient sound is better than music

Finding Music
  • Qualities to look for in production music
  • Licensing

Editing Music
  • Techniques to avoid
  • How to seamlessly splice music
  • How to create an interplay between narrative and music
  • Create effective fades between interviews and music

Producer: Eric Maierson
Video: Rick Gershon, Tim McLaughlin, Leandro Badalotti
Executive Producer: Brian Storm

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