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During the week of July 23 MediaStorm and three Advanced Multimedia Workshop participants shot and edited the short documentary A Thousand More.

This educational module invites you to learn about the decisions, both in the field, and within the editing suite that went into the making of A Thousand More. Join a conversation between Producer Eric Maierson, Director of Photography Rick Gershon, and MediaStorm Executive Producer Brian Storm, as they discuss the development of this story through a scene-by-scene break down of the piece.

The Making Of provides over an hour and a half of discussion and exposition on the thousands of decisions that went into the editing and shooting of A Thousand More.

Topics covered include:

  • How the story was found
  • What subject to focus on
  • Working in teams
  • Scene by scene explanation of editing decisions
  • Developing the opening
  • Working with music
  • Shooting techniques
  • Building a scene in video
  • Shot choice
  • Developing the narrative arc
  • Continuity
  • Screen direction
  • Going back to the subjects

Director of Photography: Rick Gershon
Producer: Eric Maierson, Tim McLaughlin
Video: Leandro Badalotti, Tim McLaughlin, Lauren Rosenfeld
Executive Producer: Brian Storm
Workshop Participants: Kristina Budelis, Piotr Malecki, Jeff Rhode

A Thousand More
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