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During the week of March 5th, MediaStorm and four Advanced Multimedia Workshop participants shot and edited the short documentary The Amazing Amy. The process was an intense learning experience filled with plenty of long nights and heartfelt debate.

This piece, the first in a series of The Making Of projects, invites you to learn about the decision making process that was behind The Amazing Amy. Join a conversation between Producer Jennifer Redfearn, Field Producer Tim McLaughlin, and MediaStorm Executive Producer Brian Storm, as they discuss the technical and theoretical steps they took to find the story and develop its narrative.

The Making Of provides over an hour of scene-by-scene exposition of the decisions that went into the editing and shooting of The Amazing Amy.

Topics covered include:

  • How the story was found
  • What made Amy a story
  • Working in teams
  • Scene by scene explanation of editing decisions
  • Developing the opening
  • Working with music
  • The interview
  • Shooting techniques
  • Shot choice
  • Developing the narrative arc
  • Continuity
  • Being fair to the subject

Producer: Tim McLaughlin, Jennifer Redfearn
Video: Rick Gershon, Juliette Lynch, Leandro Badalotti
Executive Producer: Brian Storm

The Amazing Amy
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