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The goal for this project was to create an interactive film about Michael Thomasson, owner of the Guinness Book of World Records’ largest video game collection.

Client: Verse
Published: February 29, 2016
The Challenge
MediaStorm was actively involved in covering this story as it unfolded for over half a year. The biggest challenge facing MediaStorm’s production team was the sheer volume of reportagé.

The Solution
When it came time to edit, there were literally close to a dozen interviews from which to create the film’s narrative. It was therefore necessary to expand upon our usual workflow that generally relies on just one or two interviews.

The editor along with director of photography spent several days working with an intricate set of index cards–representing scenes, interviews, and other narrative material–to create a mammoth-sized structure for the film.

That structure was then revised many times, often after group critique sessions, in order to find the best way to tell this story.

The final project was published as a linear story on MediaStorm and as an interactive one, complete with hot spots and bonus material, on the Verse website.

About the Client
Verse is an interactive platform with a toolset that showcases non-linear multimedia storytelling.
The Last Move

See the interactive version of this story on the Verse platform.

The Last Move

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