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How does the death of a child change a parent? How does the death of a parent change a child?

How do these moments change us as we develop and grow further away from who we were as children?

Phillip Toledano is an artist who lives in New York City with his wife Carla and little girl, Loulou.

His life has been marked by the passing of family. Each death diverting the river slightly. His sister’s established a pattern of resistance. His mother’s gave him perspective on his childhood. His father’s showed him the power of unapologetic love.

A Shadow Remains explores Toledano's personal history as he considers the impact that love and loss has had on his life, and the life of his family.

His unique, yet universal experience delves deeply into questions of identity and the ability to manage death in an honest and often humorous manner.

"I'm so clearly conscious of everything that they gave me now. Now that they're gone their shadow remains and I see what a strong and lengthy shadow that is."

Published: June 11, 2012


Photography and Video: Phillip Toledano
Additional Video: Edward Toledano, Helene Toledano, Rick Gershon
Graphics: Joe Fuller
Producer: Tim McLaughlin
Executive Producer: Brian Storm

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