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Michael Thomasson has devoted his life to video games. It’s been his passion and his obsession for more than three decades. He owns over 11,000 unique game titles for more than 100 different systems.


“Because there’s something wrong in the back of my head,” he says.

His collection is so large, in fact, it’s currently recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

But there’s one thing Michael loves more than his games: his family. The Last Move chronicles Michael’s attempts to help his mother at an enormous personal cost to himself.

Published: February 29, 2016


A film by: MediaStorm
Director of Photography: Andrew Michael Ellis
Producer and Editor: Eric Maierson
Producer, Editor, Additional Photography: Ligaiya Romero
Additional Photography: Jon Kasbe
Graphics: Joe Fuller
Transcription: Cortney Cleveland
Director & Executive Producer: Brian Storm

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