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Jay Singer has been in love with one Brooklyn neighborhood his entire life. He grew up there, pined for it when he was forced to leave and returned when he couldn’t stand to be away one more day. His life’s work is an unfinished 1200 page book about the place. He currently gives three-hour tours explaining its history.

You see, Jay loves Coney Island so much, he renamed himself ‘Coney Island’ Jay.

Through Jay’s vast historical knowledge, we learn about what makes this iconic neighborhood so special, and how that past may impact its future. Jay also describes the very personal impact Coney Island has had on his life and his family’s, too.

Step on up and take a ride...It’s Coney Island Jay.

Published: August 5, 2014


Cinematography: Thomas McDade, Claire Molloy, Annette Porter, Ingrid Styrkestad
Director of Photography and Field Producer: Andrew Michael Ellis
Editor: Suzanne Arden, Annemor Larsen
Producer and Editor: Eric Maierson, Tim McLaughlin
Associate Producer: Ligaiya Romero
Graphics: Joe Fuller
Director: Brian Storm
Executive Producer: Brian Storm

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