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In many low-income neighborhoods, children don’t play outside. It’s unsafe for kids to play on the sidewalk, and there are no parks nearby.

Team-Up for Youth brings after school sports programs and trained coaches to low-income neighborhoods.

The goal of the video is to show Team Up’s work through the experience of the children in the program and the adults who run it.

Photojournalist Deanne Fitzmaurice photographed and filmed Luzy Govea Delgado, 10, in her neighborhood, the Tenderloin in San Francisco.

With a mix of child-like candor and mature insights, Luzy describes life in the Tenderloin, and what it means for her to be a part of Team Up for Youth.

Client: Team-Up for Youth
Published: May 1, 2011
The Challenge
The challenge was to interweave and balance the adult voices in the video with Luzy's experience.

The Solution
We started with a 7-minute cut that included several adults, and scenes with Luzy at home and on the field.

The client asked us to shorten the video and focus the content further. We edited out two of the adults and additional scenes of Luzy's home life.

When shortening the video, we didn't want to lose the content that allows the viewer to connect with Luzy. We left in small moments that clearly convey her personality.

Screen Shot
Screen Shot
The Results
The final video is just over three minutes, and communicates the purpose of Team Up while showing the benefit of the program through Luzy's experience.

About the Client
Team-Up for Youth brings after-school sports and trained coaches to low-income neighborhoods. The program is designed to give children mentors and to teach them valuable life skills through sports.

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