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Andrew Hida

Former Staff, Intern and Producer

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Andrew Hida is a master's candidate in photography at Syracuse University and a past multimedia producer for the Syracuse News21 project: El Nuevo Normal. Hida has worked as a freelance documentary photographer and multimedia producer in Seattle, Washington. His work has been funded through numerous awards, including the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, and 4Culture, and featured in publications including USA Today, and The Atlantic. His multimedia projects have been exhibited throughout Washington and New York, most recently at the Wing Luke Asian Museum in Seattle. He graduated in 2005 from the University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in conservation ecology and Spanish.

Hida loves scarves and enjoys whistling horribly out of tune. His work can be viewed at andrewhida.com

Andrew was a spring intern at MediaStorm in 2012. Here is what he had to say about that experience:

I had the fortunate experience of interning at MediaStorm in 2012 after completing my graduate studies in photography at Syracuse University. As my first professional experience in the production and media industry, this opportunity really laid the foundation for my path to what would become a career in filmmaking.

Beyond developing production and post-production workflows, mechanics and techniques, arguably the most important skill I walked away with was a fundamental understanding of storytelling. Working one-on-one with Eric Maierson was an intense deep dive into story architecture. Everyday we asked difficult questions about character development, plot and structure. We would tear our own work down only to build it back up, always through the lens of story.

Soon after a six-month internship at MediaStorm, I became an independent multimedia producer, working with editorial publications and non-profits. My work has now grown into non-fiction filmmaking in the documentary, editorial, commercial, and branded content spheres. Whether working as a Director, DP or Editor, my work is still guided by the lessons I learned at MediaStorm seven years ago. Every project that passes through my hands leads with story.

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