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Dominik Baumann

MMW 10: July 2011

Dominik Baumann works as a staff producer of multimedia content and photography for Switzerland’s largest daily Blick in Zurich.

Before this he freelanced and later worked as staff photographer for various newspapers in Lucerne and Zurich, Switzerland, covering national and international news.

The multimedia elements he is producing for Blick include audio slide-shows, 360°-panorama-photography, interactive-animation and video contents for web and mobile devices.

Dominik participated in the July 2011 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop. He had the following to say about his experience:

It was a thrilling experience to co-operate in the production of such a complex story – with no more than just a couple of days at hand. For the most part, I sincerely enjoyed working towards such an incredibly short deadline!

Thanks to the wonderful team at MediaStorm and the wonderful teamwork you guys have developed, for me these long days and nights resulted in almost as much heartfelt joy as in the advancement of my technical expertise. Being a photographer, I am used to spend hours alone – it was just great to develop the project and the actual reportage together with you!

I feel extreme gratitude towards the producers at MediaStorm: They were always ready to offer insights into the production-process as well as loads of practical help and assistance. Their commitment to make us fit for visual storytelling was just overwhelming.

This workshop gave us all new perspectives and ideas. Now, I am looking forward very much to realize them in my daily work.

Nine Digits by Gabriela Bulisova, Meredith Davenport and Dominik Baumann

Nine Digits tells the story of Cesar, a young man fighting for U.S. citizenship.