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Espen Rasmussen

MMW 09: Mar 2011

Espen Rasmussen works as a picture editor for the feature sections in VG, Norway's biggest daily newspaper. At the same time, he has been working on long term projects, focusing on social issues and climate change. Rasmussen has been awarded several times for his work, including two awards in World Press Photo, seven prizes in Picture of the Year international and 26 awards in the Norwegian Picture of the Year. In may 2011, Espen's first book - "Transit" - will be published by Dewi Lewis publishing. Rasmussen is represented by Panos Pictures.

Espen participated in the March 2011 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop. He had the following to say about his experience:

Thank you for a great workshop! For me, the way you teach inspires me a lot, and right now I am walking around with several ideas for videos. And I now have the knowledge to start working on them! I am also a bit confused. After the workshop, there seems like there is no limitations, I am able to reach out to people and tell stories in a way I have never done before. Now I have to find the time to make multimedia, and find the stories that works the best.

The whole MediaStorm team worked wonderful with us and filled in on every gap. For me, learning how to tell a story and the process on how to build it, was important to learn. Also to know what kind of stories that works best as a multimedia.

It was also a bit scary... I am a passionate still photographer who has always belived that the photo reportage has been the best way of commuicating and telling stories. But during the days in New York, I realized that the use of images, video and sounds combined, is a powerful way of reaching out to an even wider audience! I am not afraid of loosing the faith in still photography, but I see that as a journalist working today, I have to be open to other forms of communication, with all the new platforms available. I think it is specially important when it comes to reaching a young audience! To handle all the gear, cameras, tripods, microphones, cables etc etc will be a new challenge for a guy used to just carry a lens and a small camera.

The Amazing Amy by Espen Rasmussen, Terje Bringedal, Torsten Kjellstrand and Finn Ryan

Using humor and a love of fantasy, "The Amazing Amy" Harlib connects with audiences through performing strenuous yoga-based contortion acts in New York City.