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Nacho Corbella

MMW 04: June 2009

Nacho Corbella is a hard-working and dedicated, award-winning Multimedia Producer with several years of teaching experience and content gathering and editing for Multimedia, Print and Television productions.

Passionate about storytelling, graphic design, photography, audio and video production. He has been recognized in several occasions by NPPA, CPOY, POY, ONA, SND and recently by World Press Photo.

Nacho participated in the June 2009 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop. He had the following to say about his experience:

It was a privilege to work with such talented professionals. The workshop provided us room to play and explore our expertise in an ideal learning environment.

It's always refreshing having reinforced the fact that the story is the most important thing, especially in a media world plagued by the necessity of getting content done under pressure in which sometimes the story itself is not explored deeply but just superficially in order to get the content up. Here, we had that pressure too, but it was about finding the elements to make that story better and not just about fulfilling a deadline.

In few words, it was freakin' awesome!

Behind the Scenes: Workshop 4 by Tim Hussin

For one week in June of 2009, eight professional storytellers dove into what it means to tell a great story, how the internet has opened up new worlds to them, and why it matters so much for skilled people to share their expertise.

Hold Out by Zachary Barr, Uma Sanghvi, Jeff Hutchens and Nacho Corbella

One evening, David Sheets read a story about a new basketball arena proposed for his neighborhood. Then he realized the plans were drawn right over his house. Hold Out is the story of a few neighbors who haven't been very easily dislodged.