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Suzanne Arden

MMW 14: July 2014

Suzanne Arden is a filmmaker, writer and photographer working in the Washington, D.C. metro area. She has extensive experience in communications as a communications strategist, a brand identity specialist, and a graphic designer. She has overseen production on feature films, television documentaries and multimedia projects for Time Warner and for Ted Turner Pictures/Documentaries. She recently started her own business as a filmmaker and creates short marketing films and documentary footage for clients such as the Campaign for Fair Sentencing of Youth, the ALS Association, and Strive DC. Her life-long passion for photography has taken her all over the world.

Coney Island Jay by Thomas McDade, Claire Molloy, Annette Porter, Ingrid Styrkestad, Suzanne Arden and Annemor Larsen

Jay Singer has been in love with one Brooklyn neighborhood his entire life. He grew up there, pined for it when he was forced to leave and returned when he couldn’t stand to be away. “Coney Island Jay” really loves Coney Island.