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Young and Rubicam is an international mogul in the advertising world and is known for finding creative and unusual ways of delivering information to their clients. Through a process they call "eXploration", they research and interview individuals that represent different cross sections of buyer segments that their clients are trying to reach.

In order to help their clients tap in to the motivations and spending habits of a new generation of spenders, Y&R commissioned MediaStorm to create a character vignette of someone that represented a large section of the twenty something generation. Once that character was identified our goal was to then find and focus on the arenas of her life that best represented why and how they spends her money.

With this project we were venturing out of our normal sphere of work and we wanted to utilize our story telling skills and techniques to create an in depth piece that would give Y&R's clients a uniquely personal look into the mind and motivations of the twenty something generation, giving them the ability to reach them on a different level.

Client: Y&R
Published: November 8, 2011
The Challenge
The greatest challenge on this project was adapting our style of reporting to meet that of an advertising type shoot. Normally we work alone, in more of a journalistic sense. With a crew of five people it was challenging to make a connection with our subject and get the unscripted moments that we knew we needed to make the type of piece we wanted.

Time was also a challenge on this project. With only two days originally planned to gather content we knew we would have to be very focused on what we were shooting.

Another issue was that the subject matter in a general sense was not very dramatic and more informational in nature. This generally does not make for very compelling film. We knew we would have to work hard to capture real life moments that would help make the information of the piece more digestible and compelling.


The Solution
In order to get what we needed in such a short amount of time we took a "day in the life" approach with our subject. This allowed us to isolate her from our large crew and gather visual content that would show how she spent her money throughout the day.

After the initial two days of coverage with the large crew we decided we did not have the type of moments that we needed to make the piece compelling. Therefore we decided to go back on our own and spend time one on one with our subject, in order to capture the candid, story telling moments that we so desperately needed to make the piece intimate and engaging.

Another approach we took in order to make the content more compelling was to have our subject wear a small HD camera called the GoPro HD on a chest harness. We had her wear the camera as she went about her daily routine. This allowed for a unique point of view and helped to further illustrate in an interesting way where her money went.

And finally, despite this being a shoot for an advertising agency we stuck to our guns and approached the story with the same mind set we would with anything else. This gave us an end product that felt intimate and real and allowed us to deliver the information in a way that was engaging.
The Results
The result is a character driven narrative that went well beyond simply showing the spending habits of a twenty year old. The piece provides a view into the inner workings of our character's life, her desires and dreams, and ultimately illustrates what she values most.

About the Client
Y&R is a marketing and communications company specializing in advertising, digital and social media, sales promotion, direct marketing and brand identity consulting, consisting of 6,500 people in 186 offices in 90 countries.

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