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One Day Master Class

The MediaStorm One Day Master Class provides a general, yet precise, overview of documentary video and multimedia storytelling approaches. MediaStorm founder Brian Storm will walk you through specific examples, and share his business experience, as well as proven tips to improve your interviewing, shooting and editing techniques.

Although this is not a hands-on workshop, active discussion is both encouraged and expected from all participants. Theory is backed up by real world examples using MediaStorm’s award winning work.

The One Day Master Class is designed for anyone interested in learning about the ins and outs of producing and distributing documentary video and multimedia content.

For a more in depth approach, we suggest taking the Methodology Master Classes, where the whole MediaStorm team offers individual presentations on different aspects of documentary video and multimedia creation, distribution and business models.

Admissions and Fees

Tuition for selected participants is $500.

Note: Attendees are responsible for their own room and board during the workshop.

Cancellation Policy: We don't offer refunds to the workshop, but should you need to cancel we will offer you a spot in a future workshop.
Apply Now

Location & Time

The one day master class will be held via online video conference.

The workshops will start at 9am and end at 5pm PST with an hour for lunch.


Interested applicants must fill out the online application. Once you submit the form, you will not be able to edit it. We strongly recommend copying the questions and working offline, and then pasting in your answers so that you don't lose any information.

You can also sign up to be notified as additional workshop dates are added:

If you have any questions, feel free to email info@mediastorm.com

What You Will Learn

Narrative Storytelling
  • Developing the best approach for creating effective multimedia stories
  • Pre-production planning, finding the story's focus and execution of those ideas and techniques

Reporting Approach
  • Using the best tools to get the story
  • When to use a still camera, when to use audio and/or video
  • How to ask questions and get to the heart of the story

  • Getting the most out of the reporter/editor relationship
  • Common issues and how to resolve them

Business Model
  • Collaborating with clients
  • Syndication models
  • Distribution of projects across various platforms

Brian Storm's one day master class was exactly what I needed at this point in my career. I am currently transitioning from a staff position at a newspaper to the world of an independent visual journalism. About six years ago, when my interest in video began, I had made good use of his online training videos and they greatly informed my best work since then. Having many questions regarding starting my new business I immediately looked to MediaStorm's training and made the investment. I'm so glad I did. The workshop was jam packed with pearls of hard earned wisdom that clearly took years to develop. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn from Brian's experience and put it into my own business right now. I came out of it feeling more firm about the good things in my business plan and having clear ideas on how to improve areas of my business plan that were lacking. Brian Storm is a rare resource that welcomes others to draw from him. We are lucky to have him available to us.

Autumn Payne, Independent Visual Journalist

Brian’s one day workshop was incredibly helpful to deconstruct some of MediaStorm’s films and understand the business model. As someone who is early in their career, I find it incredibly encouraging to hear Brian’s honesty behind his experiences. It was a privilege to be alongside so many talented people and it makes me eager to delve into this work. I feel like I walked away with pages of notes and a hunger to create meaningful storytelling.

Emily Hunt, Visual Journalist

I really got a lot out of the day. I wanted to attend the class to get an infusion of new ideas about ways to approach some of the video work that I both oversee and produce myself. And I came away with new ideas in spades. The dissection of the Danny Wilcox Fraiser piece was probably the most helpful, just seeing how you all approached that story and the techniques you used when it came to shooting, interviewing, sequencing the shots, etc. The idea that every shot must have a reason for being there. "Do less, better." Making stuff that matters, and be compelling. Story trumps technique. With limitation comes creativity. These are the main themes I took away from that.

It was great to go "under the hood" on some of the other pieces you shared to hear how everything came together, there were plenty of lessons that I will be apply to apply to my own work moving forward. And actually just seeing pieces like Snowbound (I went back later and watched the whole thing) expanded my mind to ways of putting things together. Not that I would every really use that format in the corporate work I do, but the way some of the shots were paired together, and transition into other shots, and how the music was used, these concepts are useful when it comes to thinking about new approaches. Same goes for the piece in Laos, and how they built up tension before the detonation. Great stuff.

Joe Jaszewski, Visual Communication Team Leader, Idaho Power Company

The workshop with Brian Storm was an amazing skill builder. I learned a ton of new approaches to filmmaking and business. From being in control of your data to maintaining distribution and packaging through a platform that has your best interest. I would highly recommend this online course.

Tylar Campbell Reporter Peninsula Press

This was an inspiring and insightful master class. I thoroughly enjoyed Brian’s teachings, dissecting short-documentaries, frame by frame. It definitely gave me a better understanding of visual storytelling and I’ll use these tips in the foreseeable future. In addition, he gave great tips on how to set up a media company and how, with great content, one could compete with major platforms. Whether someone has years of experience working for legacy media or has just started as a freelancer, this workshop has everything one needs to take their work to the next level. Highly recommended!

Serginho Roosblad, documentary filmmaker

The MediaStorm master class was one hell of a day.

In one day, Brian shared MediaStorm’s stories, success, and innovation. It was exactly what I needed to turbocharge my creativity and reassess my freelance business venture.

Brian’s master class has something for everybody who cares about quality storytelling: visual deconstruction, business pro tips, and new technology, to name a few.

As a visual journalist and storyteller, I have worked with and studied under many MediaStorm disciples in the past decade. It was such a treat to learn from Brian himself and see how deeply the MediaStorm storytelling ethos has permeated the documentary storytelling industry; 25 years in and the message is more relevant than ever: Make the stories you want to be hired to make.

I appreciated Brian’s candor and willingness to crack his business wide open and show all the nitty-gritty details of creating and sustaining a successful storytelling company.

It was a wonderful opportunity to pause from my day-to-day, learn a lot, and be inspired. I feel recharged and ready to get back to work.

Sarah Nathan

Even though I’m a seasoned filmmaker and photojournalist, I knew Brian was a world-class visual storyteller and filmmaker so I was expecting some helpful tips. Brian didn’t disappoint. He guided us step-by-step through several of MediaStorm’s projects offering salient principals with each work. One especially insightful interview tip — sometimes silence spurs the best quotes.
But what I really loved about the class was that it showed us how a boutique media company like MediaStorm is sustained by cultivating different income streams and by not relying solely on client production work. He gets into the gritty details of how he partners with photographers and filmmakers, and gives tips on working with clients including how much to charge and advice like “don’t oversell.”
Brian also gave us a preview of a new platform MediaStorm developed to help content creators exhibit and profit from their work. Some really amazing stuff here.

LiPo Ching, Photojournalist and Filmmaker

MediaStorm's class broke down storytelling theory in a way that challenged me to think about my past projects and better prepared me for those that I am currently working on. Brian is a charismatic instructor who loves sharing the knowledge he has gathered with anyone willing to learn. His anecdotes and projects serve as his syllabus and he teaches with an authenticity that cannot be faked.

McArdle Hankin, Co-Founder Back Pocket

Brian's one-day masterclass was very inspirational. I have known Brian for many years, but I never realized how much his dedication to top quality storytelling was interconnected with his pioneering and successful business models. Trained as a reporter in print, I enjoyed learning about the visual storytelling and editing processes in the morning. I got a lot of ideas for a movie for my non-profit organization. Now I need to find ways to make them happen!

Delphine Halgand-Mishra, Executive Director, The Signals Network

Thank you Brian for putting together a very thoughtful workshop that was also a deep mediation on what it means to be a creative professional in a constantly evolving modern landscape, I really appreciated your candor during the day. I especially enjoyed seeing the thought process, planning, shooting techniques, and editing choices that went into creating some of MediaStorm's most iconic pieces, I would have loved this to have continued into another day at least. I also appreciated your frankness in discussing some of your issues dealing with clients, as it was eye-opening to see this struggle goes on for creative professionals no-matter what the level one is operating at.

It was a pleasure to meet everyone in this workshop, it was a really eclectic group of extremely interesting individuals, and I really enjoyed meeting all of you and hearing all of your stories, I definitely did not want the day to end.

Shawn Read, Media Producer, Teaching and Learning Lab, Harvard Graduate School of Education

A heartfelt message of gratitude for sharing that Saturday. It was inspiring! Brian, thanks for having me and I was surprised how much I learned about good editing and shooting. It will stick with me! It was valuable to me. It made me think that someday soon I could mentor one of our kids! Loved meeting all of the other participants and hearing about their journeys and remarkable work.

Holly Carter, Founder and Executive Director, BYkids

A workshop worth traveling 4,899 miles!

Attending the One Day Master Class was an experience well worth traveling from Maui to Brooklyn. I set out to learn as much possible, refine my skills and gain insight to help me create better multimedia projects. Since my education at UNC-Chapel Hill, I have continued to learn and be inspired by MediaStorm projects produced throughout the years. I finally had the opportunity to learn from Brian Storm and his storytelling techniques. There was so much to take in during this crash course, including how to think about the editing process, engaging with your subject and what to look for in the field. Not all information was technical, however; there was also discussion on various topics brought up by the group, including why “creating stories you want to make” is so powerful and the importance of working with a team. I came back motivated and eager to apply what I learned. More importantly, I left with a sense of community. I enjoyed meeting all the talented people connected by the passion to create great stories. I was taken away by Brian’s sincere willingness to share his expertise to help each of us become better storytellers. This was a great occasion for networking, teambuilding and gaining an outlet for guidance and support. I feel better equipped to work on my current project knowing what I know now. Mahalo!

Selket Kaufman, Visual Communications Specialist, Pacific Whale Foundation

Brian's one day masterclass is extremely insightful, as it focuses both on the creative aspects of documentary filmmaking and the business aspect. As someone who has more of a background in photography then film, I was inspired by Brian's belief in how a photographic eye can be applied to filmmaking. Brian is a great speaker, and also a great listener. Beyond the quality of the presentation, a big part of the experience is interacting with the others from the group where everyone has fascinating stories to bring to the table.

Claire Debost, Freelance Journalist

As a journalist and educator I strive to stay relevant in this ever changing world of media and reporting. To stand out above the noise of Social Media is critical. What Brian is doing with his business and workshops is admirable. He shares his creative insight into conveying honesty in storytelling and aiming for those authentic moments. His knowledge is vast, and passion contagious. I recommend his workshop to anyone working in the news or documentary film industries looking to sharpen their techniques.

Keli Moore, Journalist, College Professor Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Brian Storm’s Master Class, held last Saturday in DUMBO, represents MediaStorm’s flagship storytelling intensive. As words and pictures become blurred into one seamless medium--cross-pollination of skills is essential. Brian helped clarify a genre still in its infancy: journalists, photographers & filmmakers working together to produce engaging, relevant and highly personalized films--often under 30min. In Saturday’s seminar, Brian went out of his way to unselfishly “give away all the secrets.” I left with much more than I expected and his supportive approach to sharing his hard-won knowledge of the process, inspired me to reinvent the way I think of my own words & pictures. It was terrific meeting you, and thanks again for the heartfelt wisdom you shared. More Yoda than Poindexter.

Will Rhyins

As a longtime reporter and editor looking to start a new media venture, I found Brian’s one-day master class both practical and inspirational. In an age of click-bait “journalism,” Brian’s unwavering commitment to quality storytelling resonated with me deeply, and has motivated to keep pursuing my entrepreneurial journey.

Brian used the first portion of the day to show several MediaStorm film projects and explain the technical details that made them work. Watching these films and hearing the stories behind them was powerful and emotional. As a journalist who has been mainly focused on print, I learned many new visual storytelling techniques that I can use to immediately improve my own work and help guide and critique the work of others. I’m eager to get out in the field and start putting them into practice.

The second half of the seminar was devoted to how to build a business around this kind of storytelling. I was truly amazed at how thoroughly Brian has thought about different opportunities to scale his business — including publishing, syndication and licensing, technology and training. Even more astounding is that Brian is willing to share so openly the lessons that he’s learned over 20 years. Most entrepreneurs would guard this hard-won knowledge as if their lives depended on it, but Brian puts it all out there and shares it. I came away with at least a dozen ideas to consider as I start my own venture.

I recommend Brian’s workshop to anyone who is thinking about delving into this meaningful but economically challenging field. I really hope to take a five-day session with him soon!

Julie Makinen
JSK Stanford Fellow

Brian's workshop was a great blend of inspiring experiences and business insights, creating a great atmosphere for learning. He opened up his business and shared the core and true concepts behind MediaStorm.

His one day well rounded workshop is a great overview of MediaStorm decision making process. I can't wait to do the full five days.

Thanks Brian Storm, you are an inspiration and a master storyteller!

Clara Gonzalez Sueyro
JSK Stanford Fellow

I know next to nothing about video or how to tell stories via video, but I had a vague understanding that Brian knows, so I happily signed up for this workshop.

The first impression was that Brian really cares about people and storytelling, and that all of the really important things that go with that don't add up to shit without that genuine commitment to people and persons and craft.

Brian's workshop might take you from 5 to 8 on the Spinal Tap scale, if you only care about the (institutional/academic?) function of filmmaking and storytelling. That's not where Brian comes from. His craft is inseparable from his head and his heart. His heart is human, and it takes him/audiences to profound places. Not exclusive places, but profound in the sense that the stories connect with viewers in a rare, common space.

He's a good fucking storyteller, and he cares about craft, and he is an innovator because he had to figure that stuff out. And he's very generous about sharing his experience. I feel in debt to people like Brian, and I'm inspired to take on his commitment to craft, which includes teaching others what you know.

Dustin S. Bleizeffer
JSK Stanford Fellow

Brian Storm's one day master class offers a good balance of inspiring content and technical overview. He took the class step by step through his journey of starting MediaStorm, what stories they are most proud of and some basics to improve our own visual storytelling. The entire class is 8 hours, but it does not feel that long because the day is well organized and filled with interesting content. I am currently a graduate student, but worked in the journalism and photography industries for several years prior to school; and the thing I appreciated most about Brian's instruction was his honesty. There are a lot of people that paint a very soft and pretty picture of what it will be like in the field and Brian tells it to you straight. He gave candid examples of tricky relationships with clients and things he would have done differently now looking back on starting MediaStorm. The other added benefit of this master class is meeting the other inspiring people who attend, all in all it was a very inspiring experience.

Mary Newman
visual journalist

There is a big difference between content and photography (multimedia). Most of what we see is content, imagery that crosses the eyes but never connects with the brain, so when you see quality photography/multimedia it stands out as a reminder that great things are being done. I learned a long time ago that I if I wanted quality all I had to do was look at MediaStorm. I signed up for this workshop with both a specific need and an open mind, and both items were addressed and then some. Seeing individual films broken down minute-by-minute, even second-by-second, was eye opening, strategic and motivational. Brian delivers in a refreshingly honest way, something we should all appreciate. From creation to syndication and tech, the workshop covered all angles. Well worth the time and effort.

Daniel Milnor
Creative Evangelist, Blurb Inc.

It is clear from the workshop the passion and integrity with which MediaStorm approaches filmmaking. I came away feeling as though I have a clear understanding on how visuals can be used to create narrative arc. There is a vocabulary to filmmaking that was unlocked for me which was high on my list of goals for the workshop.

Adriana García
JSK Stanford Fellow

As someone who is more comfortable in text than in any other medium, I found the MediaStorm One Day Masterclass to be both an accessible introduction to visual storytelling and a revelation about the power of multiplatform video.

Stacy-Marie Ishmael
JSK Stanford Fellow

Brian has developed a truly incredible and engaging body of work and speaks directly from his experience. When he walks you through the decision making process involved in each example of his work he breaks down storytelling with clear contextualized examples of what went into all the elements of a scene or a project. This helps you learn tremendously about what works and why in filmmaking, and challenges you to find the skill and craft you need to tell those engaging stories.

Brian also has a very humanistic approach to getting those projects made. It's inspiring and validating to see that when you take on a project and engage your subjects with authenticity and respect that's when great work emerges.

Alex Reiter
Filmmaker, Relevant Media

As a photographer with a background in legacy media, I’ve found the familiar way I’ve told stories in the past was limiting, and the result, often disappointing. I came to MediaStorm’s one day workshop because I love the quality of MediaStorm’s work and wanted to figure out ways to make a project I’m starting the best it could be. I also came with a deep prejudice against using video.

I bet you can guess the end of this story. I left with more questions than answers - a good thing. I also left with a deep appreciation of the power of video and an even deeper appreciation of Brian Storm’s generosity in sharing what he knows; the depth of his love for and knowledge about storytelling; and gratitude that somehow, despite figuratively dragging myself kicking and screaming, I saw the light…the light that video can throw.

Michele McDonald
Freelance photographer

This workshop was a rich introduction to MediaStorm’s work and methodology, spanning an incredibly broad range of topics in a single day. Brian did a great job of navigating between illuminating the factors that drive him and his team to create such powerful work and addressing the practical challenges of developing a sustainable business model to make that work possible.

I especially appreciated how Brian lifted the curtain on the story behind the story and deconstructed partnerships with artists and clients, from the evolution of those relationships to the nitty gritty of nuanced editing choices. Brian’s dedication to the power of good storytelling and commitment to growing the industry is a real gift to aspiring producers and entrepreneurs in the field.

Kelly Creedon
Independent Producer

Just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop yesterday. For me it was off-the-charts great. I love the way you deconstruct the storytelling process. And the information about your business model was awesome. To do the kind of inspiring work you're doing and actually make money at it is nothing short of amazing.

Barbara Kornreich
Independent Film Producer and Editor

I became a storyteller to change the world. It wasn’t until I got older, more mature, that I realized I’d become a storyteller to help people connect. I believe it’s in that connection that we truly change our world. That’s why I’m so impressed with the work MediaStorm does.

On technical skills alone, the MediaStorm team can easily produce a beautiful film. What makes them so special—and I never got this until I took their storytelling workshop—is that they bring human connection into the process.

They emphasize the power of emotion in a way you don’t often hear. They bring a level of grace and dignity to the work that results in the most elegant stories about humans. They have inspired me to no longer settle for mediocrity, but to elevate my storytelling in a way that honors the people I feature.

Michelle Zelsman
Director, Marketing and Communications at National Breast Cancer Coalition

As a print photojournalist, I went into MediaStorm's workshop with a skeptical eye. Two days later both my notebook and my brain were filled with the new ideas and opportunities being offered by the medium of web-based visual journalism. Two months later, I am still processing what I learned. This stuff isn't the future. It is now. I am convinced there has never been a better time to be a visual journalist. And there may be no person better suited to show you the way into this new medium than Brian Storm.

David Hobby
Staff Photojournalist at the Baltimore Sun
Founder of Strobist.com

I learned more in a couple days with Brian than I could learn in several months any other way. I still refer to my notes from his workshop. Even more than the technical information I picked up, Brian's enthusiasm directly lead to a new vision for multimedia in our department.

Wes Pope
Multimedia Producer at The Rocky Mountain News

So many papers are trying to rub sticks together to start a fire when all they need is a match. Brian's training with the Tribune Company helped focus the debate for what's important - good pictures and stories well told. Then he backed up his evangelizing with solid primers on technique.

Tom Van Dyke
Multimedia Journalist at the Chicago Tribune

Having Brian spend time with the photo directors and editors help set the tone for the direction we take in multimedia. The workshop opened up the possibilities that have gone mostly untested in the newspaper industry. As we move forward, these lessons learned will increase The Morning Call's audience especially when we tell stories with beautiful imagery and voices to create the complete narrative.

Naomi Halperin
Director of Photography at The Morning Call