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Outsiders often see Afghanistan as a problem in need of a solution: a conflict region that needs more troops or another election. But in seeing Afghanistan as a problem, the people of the country, and their desire for self-determination, are often overlooked.

From the Soviet invasion and the mujahideen resistance to the Taliban and the American occupation, A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan examines thirty years of Afghan history. It is the story of ordinary citizens whose lives play out in the shadow of superpowers. There are tales of violence to be sure, but there is also love and even romance.

Based on 14 trips to Afghanistan between 1994 and 2010, A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan is the work of renowned photojournalist Seamus Murphy. His work chronicles a people caught time and again in political turmoil, struggling to find their way.

Published: November 9, 2011


Photography and Video: Seamus Murphy
Producer: Eric Maierson
Executive Producer: Brian Storm
Associate Producer: Leandro Badalotti
Graphics: Tim Klimowicz
Sound Mix: Bruce Strong
Intern: Avinash Tharoor
Interview camera: Ian Bodenham
Additional Footage: Afghan Film Organization, Salome Augustin / Augustin Pictures
Photography and Video (Epilogue): Seamus Murphy
Producer (Epilogue): Tucker Walsh, Eric Maierson
Executive Producer (Epilogue): Brian Storm
Additional Footage (Epilogue): Charles Sennott
Associate Producer (Epilogue): Leandro Badalotti
Graphics (Epilogue): Tim Klimowicz
Intern (Epilogue): Avinash Tharoor

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