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Hungry Horse: Legends of the Everyday, is a film series and photography project created by internationally acclaimed photographer Pieter ten Hoopen in collaboration with MediaStorm, and is based on over ten years of work in and around the small Montana town of Hungry Horse.

In the films, Pieter touches on the struggles of poverty, drug use, loneliness and loss. But he more accurately captures the spirit of renewal, peace and serenity in the lives of the people he documents through stunning landscapes and intimate oral histories. Hungry Horse: Legends of the Everyday follows the mythical structure of its subjects’ lives, Charlie, Katie and Brad Lee, and it is through their stories, and Pieter's powerful imagery that we learn about the timeless cycle of adventure, loss and renewal.

Published: November 3, 2014


Photographer: Pieter ten Hoopen
Second Camera and Sound: Christian Rhen
Editor and Producer: Tim McLaughlin
Additional Editing: Arkasha Stevenson, Julia Wall
Motion Graphics: Joe Fuller
Director and Executive Producer: Brian Storm

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