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Parkinsons is a cruel disease, attacking patients' central nervous systems, and crippling them with ever-worsening symptoms. With no known cause or cure, its victims are left to manage their lives in a variety of ways.

Ray Farkas was an Emmy-award winning television producer and director when he learned that he had the disease. Tremors and stiffness had begun to restrict his life, and he was eager for relief.

Doctors proposed Deep Brain Stimulation, a surgical procedure in which electrodes are implanted to stimulate certain areas of the brain, thereby reducing the symptoms. Despite the possibility of complications, Farkas took a leap of faith and gave it a try. He also decided to make a film along the way.

The result is It Ain't Television... It's Brain Surgery, an honest, touching, and surprisingly funny account of one man's attempt to regain the quality of life that's so easy to take for granted.

Published: March 16, 2006


Producer, Director & Subject: Ray Farkas
Cameras: Bob Peterson, Mark Farkas, Danny Farkas, Bob Reilly, Darrell Barton, Peter Kulsziski, Scott Rensberger
Sound: Jimmy Peterson
Editors: Bob Kanner, Joe D'Anna
Music: "Hole in the Head" & "DBS Tango" by: Philip Lerman

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