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The Party began with a script. It is a work of imagination, like a short story.

The writer Andre Dubus once remarked that short stories are the way we communicate the events of our lives. They're how we tell each other things: what just happened at the grocery store checkout or the amazing turn of events at the bar last night.

Making The Party was an attempt to create such an event. I wanted to find out what would happen if a lonely middle-aged man decided he could speak honestly with an adolescent woman at a company party. Even more, I wanted to evoke the "vivid, continuous dream" of fiction.

But a filmmaker trying to describe his intent is a bit like a filmmaker offering an excuse. Still, one can hope, and hope is the antidote to loneliness. And that's a story worth telling. - Eric Maierson

Published: April 19, 2007


Writer & Director: Eric Maierson
Producer: Gabe Hakvaag
Ken: Ken Forman
Valerie: Emma Galvin
Director of Photography: Ben Wolf
Production Designer: Gaylia Wagner
Set Decorator: Dori O'Dea
Key Makeup Design: Ingrid Okola
Makeup Assistant: Ken Shupe
Sound: Nara Garber
Gaffer: Sanjay Singh
Second A.D.: Jose Esquea
Script Supervisor: Ellen Tarlin
Set Photographer: Roy Jakubowski
Craft Services: Sharon Abbot
Partygoers: Robert Arcerno, Laura Jean Francis, Rhonda Keyser, Chris LaPanta, Paolo Nigris, Marla Reyes, Juliette Pagano, Julia Santana, Ray Wineteer
Produced by: Fast Buck Films in association with Topiary Productions

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