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Laith Bahrani

Director and Motion Graphics

Laith Bahrani was born backwards in 1979 and has been tackling life with the same derriere-first logic ever since. His journey as an artist began in the picturesque South-East of England where Laith graduated from junior school with a ‘gold star’ in drawing and existential thought.

A hazy stint at University followed which unwittingly earned Laith a degree in Multimedia along with numerous police cautions. From here, Laith stepped out into the big wide-screen hyper-real world and began employment in the design industry. Five long years passed and by 2005 the depression and disillusion of an overly-corporate landscape saw Laith quit his well paid comfortable post and flee to his castle made from old boxes in Reading, England. Here Laith established Monkeehub; a self-created brand through which to offer his soul and sanity to the twin deities of Creativity and Artistic Expression.

Laith has since become an award stealing animator, director, illustrator and overall creative lycanthrope, working mostly at night under a full moon. His work has appeared on television and has been featured in a plethora of design and animation publications too numerous and fabricated to mention. A number of his websites have been recognized by Macromedia as ‘The Shiz’. His animated music video JCB Song appeared in the D&AD annual and has been whored out to film festivals all over the world, delighting the drunken rabbles that frequent them.

Laith continues to run Monkeehub almost single-mousedly and seeks to produce work that meets the loftiest standards of perfection he sets himself. As a result Laith hasn't published any new personal work since 2007. He is however still available for contract work in animation, film and new media.

Creep by Laith Bahrani

A creative man, full of promise, living a boring life - this is the picture animated by Laith Bahrani, who set his autobiographical tale to Radiohead's Creep. This music video is full of angst for a soul stuck where it doesn't belong.