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Claus Jensen

14: Oct 2014

Claus Jensen is the sports editor at NORDJYSKE Medier in Aalborg, Denmark. A regional mediahouse that runs both a newspaper, a tv-station and a radiostation. He graduated from The Danish School of Journalism in 1998 and has been producing video every week since then.

Claus participated in the October 2014 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. He had the following to say about her experience:

After a week at MediaStorm I came back to Denmark full of inspiration and new storytelling tools. Normally it would be difficult to keep your focus when you just have to sit, listen and watch for five days in a row, but Brian Storm and his team were so enthusiastic in their approach, that this wasn't the case. I will try and implement video portraits in my stories - and now I know, that you can still do great video-storytelling even if you "only" have stills. In fact - they will often do an even better job of telling your story.