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Francisco Alcala Torreslanda

20: December 2017

Mexico social documentary photographer Francisco Alcala Torreslanda creates documentary images and visual narratives that bring to light the positive sides of society.
 His natural sense for composition and light in combination with his optimistic and empathetic attitude enable him capture significant moments through photographs with strong formal qualities that inform both the intellect and the emotions. His aim is social change with specific emphasis on community empowerment initiatives.

 Either working on editorial assignments, storytelling for social enterprises and nonprofits or on personal projects, Alcala Torreslanda draws from more than 30 years of successful international corporate business experiences and a MFA in photography to deliver narratives that maximize value and impact for his customers. The values of honesty, commitment, hard work, optimism, and self-discipline are integral part of everything he does.

Francisco participated in the December 2017 MediaStorm Methodology Master Class. He had the following to say about his experience:

I envision creating a company in Mexico that will use multimedia to tell the stories of people or communities positively impacted by social enterprises. The week with Brian Storm and his team has clarified in my mind the capabilities required to make my dream not only real but a sustainable business. The MediaStorm Methodology workshop, through real examples and people doing the actual work, is a great approach to really understand the nuances of good versus great storytelling. It is also an in-depth walk through the process of creation, editing, publishing, and distribution. It has been an invaluable experience that will inform my future direction as a storyteller.

- Francisco Alcala Torreslanda / Social Documentary Photographer