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Geert Heetebrij

24: December 2019

Geert Heetebrij is Assistant Professor in Film & Media at Calvin University. He is a graduate of the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television’s M.F.A. Screenwriting Program, and writer-producer of feature film A FOREIGN AFFAIR starring David Arquette, Tim Blake Nelson, and Emily Mortimer. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Heetebrij also wrote and co-produced documentary BLACK SLAVES FOR SALE, about slavery in Sudan, which premiered at the Amnesty International Film Festival.

Geert participated in the December 2019 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. He had the following to say about his experience:

I like peeking in the kitchen of working production companies. Given how fast this field changes, refreshers on how to best produce media can be good correctives--and inspiring to boot. So that was one reason I wanted to take MediaStorm’s workshop. The other reason is that I’m developing a new master class that I’ll be teaching, so I’m looking for the latest and best practices from the field.

I got that in MediaStorm’s workshop. Brian Storm (his real name) was honest about both the heights and valleys of producing, and the challenges facing independent media producers. He opened up about MediaStorm’s diverse lines of business, and pulled back the curtain on their methodology, from ideation to production to post.

The other workshop participants were a diverse and hungry group of accomplished professionals in their media fields, each seeking to improve their game and/or master a new area of production. Since the group was small enough (ten participants) you could get to know each other within the week.

Much of the time was spent on analyzing a number of MediaStorm’s short documentaries, i.e., an analysis of their production and post-production choices. Note: you don’t actually do any media production in this workshop; this methodology workshop is a fly-over of process and, well, methodology. I came away inspired and would recommend this to professionals and those who teach practical media production.