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Joanna Hearne

16: June 2015

Joanna Hearne is a scholar of film and media history with research interests in global Indigenous media, documentary film, animation, westerns and early cinema. She is the author of two books about North American Indigenous media: Native Recognition: Indigenous Cinema and the Western, published by the State University of New York Press (2012), and Smoke Signals: Native Cinema Rising, from the University of Nebraska Press (2012). She is currently an associate professor of film studies and Indigenous studies in the English Department, and Director of the Digital Storytelling Program, at the University of Missouri. She was awarded the university’s Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence in 2012 and was a College of Arts and Science Faculty Fellow in 2014.

Joanna participated in the June 2015 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

This was a fascinating deep-dive into MediaStorm’s inner workings. I was impressed with the detailed presentations, and especially with the way that socially conscious storytelling remained at the center of the conversation, from aesthetic choices to distribution platforms to revenue models. I came away with a bigger toolbox for thinking through my own curriculum and a richer picture of the field my students will enter when they graduate.