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Michael Bo Rasmussen

14: Oct 2014

Michael was educated as a photojournalist at the Danish School of Journalism. After a short time with different newspapers, he now freelances. In 1991, together with photojournalist Lars Horn, he formed the company Baghuset Photo in North Jutland, Denmark, and this is still the basis for their work. Their tasks have evolved from news photography to photos for magazines, professional journals, books, and photos and videos for companies, institutions, trade unions, n.g.o´s e.t.c.

Michael participated in the October 2014 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. He had the following to say about her experience:

It has been a fantastic week, thank you MediaStorm. For 8 hours each day, Brian and his team inspiringly told us about their ideas and methods. It has been really interesting and I have returned to my daily work life full of inspiration about other ways of working. I will humbly try to implement at least some of the ideas in my own work.