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Raffaela Lepanto

08: Jan 2013

Visual editor, producer, and freelance photographer-writer, Raffaela has been working both for magazines and photo agencies with 14+ years' experience in photojournalism. After her long collaboration with Grazia Neri Photoagency, Milan, Italy, she has been working for Emblema, an Italian independent Photoagency, as a Photo Editor, Production Manager and Web Creative Director.

She holds a Master Degree in International Political Sciences at the University of Studies of Milan, Italy, and she has been studying Photography at the University of the Arts, St.Martin’s College, London, UK.

Her dream is to give a contribution in practically implementing Hope, both for photographers and for the public; hope that a transition towards a sustainable business model in photojournalism is possible, through learning how to integrate photography in successfull multimedia projects, hope that high quality multimedia storytelling will help shifting our global consciousness to a better understanding of our world and of each other.

Raffaela participated in the January 2013 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

This workshop felt like an amazing gift, in every possible way much more than what I had hoped and expected.

It’s hard to tell in a few lines how energizing it is to have a first-hand experience of working with you guys, because the passion, the values, the enthusiasm that you convey in your “open lessons” are truly hard to find.

I loved the way the workshop has been specifically tailored to the needs of the participants, not just giving each of us the space and the time to ask in detail all our questions but also giving us practical suggestions and tips for our different roles and jobs.

Also, meeting all of you, each with a specific expertise and perspective, has been extremely precious; the amount of information, tools, and practical “hands on” expertise that this workshop offers is mindblowing, the equivalent of a University Master’s advanced learning with the extra bonus of a super relaxed, friendly and very familiar environment.

I had fun. I learned a lot. I felt moved, challenged, questioned, excited, overwhelmed by the amount of work I still have to do, hopeful, eager to learn more.

Most of all, I think I found what I was looking for; I looked back at the real meaning of my job, and found out that real quality, commitment and ethic are REALLY all we need to keep being inspired and to inspire others.

A warm and big thank you, with the hope to see you soon again.