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Regina Revazova

13: June 2014

Born and raised in Siberia, Regina moved to Russian Caucasus to study journalism at the age of seventeen. Her career started with coverage of the Beslan school massacre of 2004.

She worked as a print reporter from the region, writing for BBC and several other media outlets on corruption, human rights violations and ethnic conflicts in the North Caucasus. In 2008 she had to accept a political asylum and moved to the United States.

She recently graduated with MA in journalism from University of Nevada, Reno, where she was solely focused on visual journalism and worked on several documentary projects.

Currently Regina is an Intern Producer at NPR’s news talk show Tell Me More.

Regina participated in the June 2014 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

To be at MediaStorm’s workshop was a very long lasting dream for me. I’d been watching and reading their online content long before I got a chance to participate in the Methodology Workshop.

It is a factory for powerful, contextual, human-oriented storytelling and I wanted to know how the magic happens. Or how can they stay sustainable and produce in-depth stories in the age of fragmentized journalism? Frankly, I wanted to know everything: who or what’s behind the interface, ideas, shots, cuts, graphics, text, design, animation, narratives…

I got my answers; I got much more than that. Brian Storm, Eric Maierson and other members of MediaStorm are open and willing to help, guide, teach, share and inspire.