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Mariana Keller

19: December 2016

Mariana Keller is a full-stack video journalist & producer with 7 years of experience producing short films focused on international news and branded content. She's worked for The New York Times, TIME.com, AFP and the Wall Street Journal and for brands such as Microsoft and Hulu, in roles extending from planning and reporting to post-production. She's also an award-winning photographer, and instinctively know what makes a good story - regardless of format. She likes doing things differently, asks a lot of questions and has rather unorthodox ideas.

When she's not working on stories, find her outdoors: hiking with her dog or scouting for decent waves on Long Island.

Mariana participated in the December 2016 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

Attending the workshop was an incredibly catalytic experience. My biggest takeaway was demystifying MediaStorm's entire production and brand positioning process. These guys are not wizards. They are regular people with insane talent and an unspeakable drive. It was amazing to see the curtains come down and all the "secrets" and the hardships behind such a successful and inspiring production company revealed. Walking home with so much inspiration and insight was the highlight of my year. This workshop is a must for any video creative looking to break from the mold and have a shot at becoming a reference in this crowded space.

Mariana Keller
Documentary Filmmaker and Journalist