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Uma Sanghvi

MMW 04: June 2009

Uma Sanghvi graduated from Stanford University in 1999 and completed her M.A. from Ohio University in visual communication. After internships with the San Jose Mercury News and The San Diego Union-Tribune, Uma joined the photography staff of The Palm Beach Post in 2003.

In 2005 Sanghvi was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to spend a year on a photo documentary project in Mauritius, Africa. Her work has been recognized by The National Press Photographers Association, the Southern Short Course in News Photography, Cox Newspapers, the Society of Professional Journalists and others.

In 2008, Sanghvi left the Palm Beach Post to pursue a career in multimedia editing.

Uma participated in the June 2009 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop. She had the following to say about her experience:

The team of MediaStorm producers were fantastic teachers - energetic, patient and thoughtful 'coaches' who tirelessly led our teams in story development, reporting and editing. I hadn't thought about story structure in such a rigorous way until this workshop. What I learned about editing and pacing will change the way I edit from now on.

It is a truly ideal situation - small teams of creative people with different kinds of expertise collaborating together to produce a high-quality multimedia product. This is the model our industry needs to be working towards now. What a joy to experience it in the field.

I also learned from my fellow team members; being around talented, smart and driven people is a treat. All in all this was an invaluable opportunity for me not only to develop my skills - but more importantly I left the workshop re-energized and newly inspired to produce better and better work. Plus, it was just a lot of fun!

Behind the Scenes: Workshop 4 by Tim Hussin

For one week in June of 2009, eight professional storytellers dove into what it means to tell a great story, how the internet has opened up new worlds to them, and why it matters so much for skilled people to share their expertise.

Hold Out by Zachary Barr, Uma Sanghvi, Jeff Hutchens and Nacho Corbella

One evening, David Sheets read a story about a new basketball arena proposed for his neighborhood. Then he realized the plans were drawn right over his house. Hold Out is the story of a few neighbors who haven't been very easily dislodged.